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Vial of Life Program

Speaking for you, even when you can't.

The North Fork Ambulance is proud to offer the Vial of Life Program to North Fork Valley residents. This program is designed to quickly communicate your important medical information such as current and past illnesses, allergies and medicatiosn to EMTs so we can quickly deliver life saving care in an emergency. The Vial of Life is also a great way to communicate your wishes to EMTs, medical staff and/or family in the event you are unable to communicate due to illness or injury through documents such as Do Not Rescusitate Orders, Medical Power of Attorney and Wills, etc.

Pick up your FREE Vial of Life at one of the following locations:

  • Hays Drug - Paonia
  • Town Halls in Paonia, Hotchkiss and Crawford
  • City Market Pharmacy - Hotchkiss
  • North Fork Medical Clinic - Paonia

What do I have to do?

It's easy, just complete the Medical Information Form, place the form in the Vial and place the Vial in your refrigerator. EMTs are trained to check the refrigerator for Vial of Life information and it is always easy to find.

If you are on a long list of medications and don't want to write them down or you want to make sure the list is accurate, request a current list of your medications from your pharmacist and include that printout in the Vial of Life.

I have multiple people in my household - how many Vials do I need?

We recommend you have one (1) Vial of Life per resident. This way EMTs don't accidently read information not pertinent to the patient they are treating. If you have two (2) people in your household, we recommend you have two (2) vials. The easiest way to distinguish is to write the person's name on the lid or on the side of it so we know who it belongs to without opening it.

How do I get more forms?

Simply download the form(s) you need below! They are Adobe PDF documents and you can print off as many copies as you need.