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Ambulance Stations

Neighbors Helping Neighbors for over 45 Years!

The North Fork Ambulance is the ONLY ambulance service which provides emergency pre-hospital transport services to the citizens and visitors to the beautiful North Fork Valley of Colorado, which is roughly 1,500 square miles of mountain terrain and lush valleys in the shadow of the West Elk and Ragged Mountain Ranges!

Our volunteers provide 24/7/365 ambulance transport service to the residents of Crawford, Hotchkiss, Paonia, Somerset, Maher, Lazear and outlying areas. Our state certified EMTs and CPR certified drivers are your neighbors and friends and come from all walks of life! Regardless of their past experiences or age group, our dedicated volunteers truly care about their community and helping a neighbor in a time of need!

Emergency Transport

The North Fork Ambulance is an emergency transport service agency only. We do not do private party transports or scheduled transports between facilities. Our ambulances are called into service through the Delta County Dispatch center via 911 or other notification through the dispatch center. If you need to arrange for a private transport to a nursing home, or other medical care facility in a non-emergency situation, please contact a private non-emergent transport service.

In an emergency, do not wait, dial 9-1-1 immediately 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Calling 9-1-1 from your landline or cell phone will connect you with an emergency dispatcher at the Delta County Communications Center which will dispatch the closest ambulance to your location and give you pre-arrival instructions.


We have three (3) centrally located ambulance stations in the towns of Paonia, Hotchkiss and Crawford so you and your family can receive the fastest ambulance response possible in an emergency.

Each station and community is faced with its own unique challenges and opportunities based upon the terrain, population density and businesses located within the station's service area. Typically, Paonia is our busiest station responding to an averge of 30 calls per month, followed by Hotchkiss with an average of 22 calls per month and the Crawford Station averages 8 calls per month.

Throughout the year our crews at the different station host events at the stations or are out in the public at community events. When you see us out and about, stop by and say hi.

Paonia Station - 405 2nd Street

The Paonia Station is located at the center of town next to the public works building and Dependable Lumber. The facility was completly remodeled following a devestating fire which gutted the building and burned both ambulances back on August 6, 2009. The Paonia station houses two ambulances enabling two crews to respond to calls simulatenously, cutting down on response times. The Paonia station services the Paonia Care Center, Town of Paonia and outyling areas including Bowie and West Elk Coal Mine and McClure and Kebler passes.

Hotchkiss Station - 196 W Hotchkiss Ave

The Hotchkiss station is located in the same building as the Hotchkiss Fire Department. The facility houses two ambulances and averages 22 calls per month and serves the Town of Hotchkiss and outyling areas including Lazear, Leroux Creek National Forest, Redlands Mesa and is the main EMS provider to the Delta County Fair in Hotchkiss.

Crawford Station - E Street & Elm Ave

The Crawford station is located in the same building as the public works department at the intersection of E Street and Elm Ave in Crawford. The smallest of the Association, the Crawford station only houses one ambulance and the crew responds to an average of 8-10 calls per month. The Crawford station and crew responds to emergencies in the Town of Crawford and surrounding area including the Smith Fork, Crawford State Park, Black Canyon National Park, Black Mesa and everything in between. The Crawford crew is always involved in Crawford Pioneer Days and several crewmembers and their families direct and star in the Pioneer Days Melodrama each year!