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Community Outreach Programs

The North Fork Ambulance truly is the North Fork Valley’s community service organization and hometown non-profit. Our services are readily accessible to every member of the community and visitor who comes to our beautiful piece of Colorado.

When we aren’t responding to emergencies, our crews are active in the communities in which they live giving back even more by hosting free training and safety awareness programs in our local schools and throughout the community.

Some of our community outreach programs include:

Special Event Coverage

In addition to responding to emergency calls for help across the North Fork Valley in Paonia, Hotchkiss, Crawford, Somerset and the outlying areas, the North Fork Ambulance is the sole EMS provider for a variety of community events held throughout the valley during the year. Some of these events include:

  • Crawford Pioneer Days
  • Hotchkiss Sheep Dog Trials
  • Paonia Cherry Days
  • Delta County Fair & Rodeo
  • Mountain Harvest Festival
  • Ride the Rockies & Other Bicycle Tours

If you are hosting a large event and would like EMTs on standby during the event, please contact Executive Director Kathy Steckel.

High School mock DUI Crash Program

In 2011, 447 people died on Colorado Highways, 173 of those were due to Alcohol related crashes. 161 of those 173, or 36 of those who died , did so as a result of a motor vehicle crash involving alochol in excess of the legal blood alcohol limit of .08. (1). Acording to Center for Disease Control and Prevention Website, "alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among youth in the United States, more than tobacco, illcit drugs and is responsible for more than 4,700 deaths among underage youth a year."

To help keep students in the North Fork Valley safe and to give them a sobering reminder that underage consumption of alcohol has consequences, often deadly ones, the North Fork Ambulance partners with the Colorado State Patrol, Delta County Sheriff’s Office and other public safety agencies in the North Fork Valley to bring a DUI crash scene to life in front of the students prior to prom and the party season of high school every two years.

We hope that by partnering with area agencies and providing a bloody and gruesome but realistic view of what happens to the human body in a car wreck caused by drunk driving, we can persuade our students to not drink and drive or consume alcohol as minors.

DUI Crashes aren’t just devestating to familes of victims, the first responders who have to cut victims out of the cars, patch them up and send them to the hospital or place victims in body bags takes its toll on the emotions of police officers, deputies, troopers, EMTs and fire fighters alike. Because DUI accident scenes can be so emotional and stressful to first responders, the Mock Crashes are also used as a real life, hands-on multi agency training exercise bringing fire, law enforcement and EMS together to triage, extricate, treat and transport victims in real time in front of the students so everything is as real as possible for all involved.

Schools Involved

The North Fork Ambulance and other public safety agencies work closely with administrators from both the Hotchkiss High School and Paonia High School to plan and coordinate mock crashes every two to three years so we always have a new group of students to bring the message that alcohol and/or drugs and driving is a deadly combination with life long consequences.

Drunk Driver Role Player Under Arrest during Mock DUI Crash