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EMS Membership Program- Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need to purchase an Ambulance Membership?

  • Accidents happen. Unexpected emergencies arise. Even healthy people get sick or injured.
  • A Membership saves you money if you are transported by the ambulance!
  • Memberships help keep three ambulance stations open and trained volunteers ready to respond if you become sick or injured anywhere in the North Fork Valley!

I have medical insurance - Do I need to purchase a Membership?

  • Yes! Your Membership covers your insurance co-pay if you are transported and your deductible has been met.

What if I have insurance, but I haven't met my deductible yet?

  • As a Member, if you are transported and have not yet met your insurance deductible, you will receive a 60% discount on your bill. Non-members are responsible for payment of 100% of their bill.

What if I don't have any medical insurance?

  • Membership isn't insurance, but as a Member you will receive a 60% discount on your bill. Non-members who are uninsured are responsible for 100% of transport costs which can be over $1200 per trip!

How long is a membership good for?

  • A Membership is valid for one calendar year and begins five days after your application is received by our Business Office,

Is there a special rate for seniors and families?

  • Yes, we offer a variety of Membership Levels to best suit your household. We also offer Small Business Memberships! Complete Membership program details are available on the North Fork Ambulance Association Membership Agreement which is available by clicking here. For pricing and Membership levels, please refer to our online application.

Why is the ambulance now billing members?

  • Trip revenue is vital to the continued existence of the North Fork Ambulance due to rising costs for medical equipment, supplies, fuel, vehicles, training and an on-call stipend for our EMTs and Drivers.

Will the Ambulance still come to my house if I am not a Member?

  • Yes! The North Fork Ambulance is the only ambulance provider for the communities of Paonia, Hotchkiss, Crawford and outlying areas which is over 1,500 square miles! We respond to emergencies 24/7/365 and respond to wherever someone is ill or injured. Membership status does not affect the response of the ambulance to your or your loved one's location in an emergency. A Membership is a way for you to support the ambulance because we are a non-profit funded mainly by Memberships and trip revenue. A Membership also saves you money!

When did the Membership program change?

  • The Board of Directors held a series of public meetings in the spring of 2015 to highlight to the public, the fact the Association needed to make changes to its Membership program to fill an estimated budget gap of approximately $193,000. After gathering public input and meeting with various community groups and leaders, our Board and Executive Director made changes to the Membership program in an attempt to raise revenue and close the budget gap. If these changes do not help close the budget deficit, the Association may have to pursue a property tax mil levy such as other districts and the fire departments in the North Fork Valley.

Who can I contact to find out more about the Membership program if I have questions?

  • If you have a question about a bill or how the discount will be applied to your bill, you may contact our Business Office Manager Diane Perry at 970-872-4303 and leave a message. She will then call you back. If you have questions about the Membership program in general, how you sign up and its benefits, etc you may contact Executive Director Kathy Steckel at or at 970-872-4303.