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Executive Director

Kathy Steckel, EMT-Intermediate, with 21 years experience with the North Fork Ambulance, serves as the Association’s Executive Director. Kathy ensures the organization has a long-range strategy to achieve its mission, provides leadership in developing programs such as Community Outreach, Prevention and Membership and also pursues grants and other funding for the Association.

Working with the Station Captains, Kathy helps ensure the crews have everything they need to respond to calls to help you or your loved one in an emergency. She assures the crews have access to the most up-to-date training, while keeping well informed of significant developments and trends in the field of EMS.

Kathy is the public's link to the Association for Members, prospective volunteers and works closely with area non-profit groups and organizations to promote the Association. If you have a question, comment or concern about the Association, the care you received or would like to learn more about how you can help your hometown ambulance, please contact Kathy at the information below.

Kathy Steckel

Executive Director



State of the Association for the year of 2016

  1. Vehicles and Equipment:

    1. Quick Response Vehicles
      1. Paid for by grants and donations – over 90%! Will save the Association over $20,000 each year and get our advance care crew members safely to scenes to begin care.
    2. Lifepack 15 upgrades
      1. Now able to provide 12-lead EKGs in the field. Gives patients experiencing heart attacks a much better chance for a good outcome with early recognition of dysrhythmias. 50% paid by EMS Provider Grant+the $2 fee on Colorado License plates.
    3. CPAP
      1. We were able to outfit all five ambulances with state-of-the-art one-time use Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy (CPAP ) for a fraction of the cost of buying machines. $1,500 for everything, machines would have been $2,500 each… times 5 ambulances! Sound thinking on the part of our Captains and Director.
    4. Staff
      1. New Drivers and EMTs
        1. We have had several new drivers volunteer in each community this past year. Paul Stumme, originally a driver for Crawford, has received his EMT training and is ready to start as an EMT as soon as he is certified!
      2. Advanced Life Support
        1. 2016 brought us four new EMT-Intermediates: Marvin Pemberton, Cindy Owen, Tanya Gallob and Kathy Steckel. With these four joining long-time EMT-I Connie Black, they are providing ALS care to our communities with an on-call schedule filled nearly 90% of the time. Steve Simpson and Deb Leger will be joining this group in 2017, as soon as they are certified.
      3. Annual Service Awards
        1. We will have a special event held this May to recognize those who have reached the 5, 10, 15 and 20 year marks as North Fork Ambulance volunteers. These are:
          · 5 years: Eric Beezley
          · 10 years: Bill King and Matt VanVleet
          · 45 years: Richard Kinser
    5. Membership
      1. Currently we have 1,810 Members! WE have had great support from the community and we are continuing to attract new members every week.
    6. Prevention Programs
      1. Mock Crash at HHS well attended and well planned, thanks to Kris Stewart and his crew of volunteers!
      2. CPR for the public – held each month – we trained quite a few local people in CPR, thanks to Dawnette Simpson
    7. Public Presentations and information booths
      1. Sheep Dog Trials, Pioneer Days, Cherry days, Fair, Mtn Harvest, the Holiday Marketplace, and our Director made almost 30 public presentations this year!
    8. Network of Volunteers
      1. We now have 104 people who have volunteered to do non-emergent jobs, everything from preparing meals to financial planning.
    9. Finances
      1. Projected deficit of $113,000 did not happen!
      2. We came out over $8,000 in the black!
      3. Increased revenue from billing, donations, grants and some great support from our members and local business!
      4. Also we held expenses to the minimum. Our volunteers provide an incredible service, and save a huge amount of money, more than anyone realizes. It is because of the volunteers we are able to provide service from 3 stations!!!
      5. Grants were well written this year
      6. USDA Community Facilities Grant for $34,600 for the QRVs
      7. EMS Provider Grants for $166,000 for wages, equipment and QRVs
      8. Grants from the State of Colorado for educations, as well as help from Delta County Memorial Hospital Foundation and the Paonia Rotary!
    10. The future:
      1. 2017:
        i. We will be continuing to gain new members.
        ii. We will take care of our volunteers! They are our greatest asset!
        iii. We will work closely with our health care partners, such as the DCMH clinic in Hotchkiss and the Urgent Care Facility that will be going into Paonia this year
        iv. Above all, we are going to keep providing the best service possible to our communities.
        b. 2018 and beyond
        i. Ultimately, the Board is charged with providing the best EMS possible in the North Fork valley and they are looking at ways to pay for it.
        ii. It is possible we will see the formation of a Special District and a vote by the people for a mill levy to fund EMS.
        iii. We’ve got a lot of work to do, and we recognize those who have come before us to provide this awesome service and we thank them.

If you would like Kathy or a Board Member to come and give a presentation to your group/organization, please let us know, we would be happy to come speak to you. To arrange for a presentation at your group, please contact either Board President Dan Miller or Executive Director Kathy Steckel at their information below.

Dan Miller - Board President


Kathy Steckel - Executive Director



Thank you for your support. Help us help you in an emergency - Become a Member or Volunteer and help the Ambulance!