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Service Area

EMTs loading patient into Ambulance

The map below shows the service area of the North Fork Ambulance including approximate response zones for the three different stations. The North Fork Ambulance service area is roughly 1,500 square miles, or roughly the size of the State of Rhode Island! This area includes not only the towns of Paonia, Hotchkiss, Crawford, Lazear and Somerset but also the unincorporated areas of Delta County, Montrose County and Gunnison County. The vast majority of our calls for service though, fall within the populated areas of Delta County.

Our western service boundary begins at Payne Siding Rd on Hwy 92 between Hotchkiss and Delta and extends to the eastern boundary at the Pitkin County line at the top of McClure Pass and the West Elk Wilderness. Traveling south, it stretches from the Mesa County line on the Grand Mesa south to the Black Canyon National Park and Gunnison Gorge Conservation area.

While some ambulance services encompass noting but populated areas and have a small service area, we cover vast stretches of mountain terrain and canyons where there is little to no residents. However, these beautiful mountains and canyons are a draw to many residents and tourists for recreational purposes and often injuries or illness arise when people are are enjoying these natural resources. The Ambulance works closely with the local fire departments, law enforcement and local search & rescue to reach lost, trapped and/or injured parties in remote areas of our service area.

North Fork Ambulance Service Area

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