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North Fork Ambulance Auxiliary

Formed July 1, 2019


First formed as the North Fork Ambulance Service Association in 1969, this group of dedicated volunteers has been challenged with providing reliable ambulance service and quality care with the fastest response time possible to the residents and visitors of the North Fork valley. Over the past 50 years, growing from just 60 calls per year to over 800 calls per year, this service was funded through membership, grants, donations and ambulance transport fees. Up until January of 2019 this vital service had never received public funding. We are happy to report a Special District has been formed by the voters and public funding is allowing ambulance service to continue.

While no longer providing ambulance service, this 50-year old nonprofit is excited to pass the torch and move forward with a new name, North Fork Ambulance Auxiliary, and a new mission.

Watch for news about our programs . . .

July 31, 2019 Press Release:
Two Entities Working Together For The People Of The North Fork Valley

We're here to support your health and safety in the North Fork Valley! 


Financial Aid

Financial Aid for ambulance bills for seniors, the un-insured, and the under-insured

Application for Financial Assistance


Community Education

Injury prevention classes for all ages


EMS Education

Continued support for Emergency Medical Services, EMS education, and training


"The North Fork Ambulance Auxiliary will serve to enhance the quality of life in the North Fork Valley by supporting emergency medical services along with the health and safety needs of our communities."


Established July 1, 2019

Emergency medical services in the North Fork valley are now provided by the newly formed District, operating as North Fork EMS.

The North Fork valley now has sustainable, core financial support to maintain quality ambulance service. North Fork EMS will strive to meet the ever-changing nature of healthcare, emergency services, and public safety through education, training, and the incorporation of new technologies and services.

North Fork EMS will continue to bring the best emergency care possible to the residents and visitors of this rural valley.  

North Fork Ambulance Logo

110 E Hotchkiss Avenue
PO Box 127
Hotchkiss, CO 81419


Phone: +1 (970) 872-4303